Daniel Feldt - UX designer

Hemnet Inspiration for iPad

At Hemnet we dedicate 25% of our time on working on passion projects. Every sixth week we pitch ideas that we want to do, pick our favorites and then spend the next two weeks building it.

A passion project that I had was to utilize the awesome photos of beautiful houses and rooms that pop up for sale every day on Swedens largest property portal.

The idea: Browse beautiful pictures, make it fun and intuitive and gather your favorites in collections.

Together with a backend developer and two iOS-developers we sketched out the concept, designed it, tested it and after two weeks we had fully working app for the iPad. I had the easy part with the design and keeping everything together and moving forward. This wouldn't have been possible without the hard working developers on the project!

My role: Concept lead, design and project manager.

Take a quick look at the interaction on the app:

This iPad-app will probably only be what it is at the moment. A concept. But we did do quite a lot of work with APIs for delivering hi-res photos and we will integrate components from this concept into future apps from Hemnet.

Hemnet Inspiration on an iPad Hemnet Inspiration on an iPad Hemnet Inspiration on an iPad Hemnet Inspiration on an iPad