Daniel Feldt - UX designer


Introducing Gunnar Bold

I started 2015 with a goal of drawing a illustration every day. I had a similar thing going on late last year where I drew a whale every day for 20 something days. It did wonders for my creativity, general energy and not to mention my abiblity to draw whales.

Well, that goal of drawing every day for 2015 held barely a week. I decided to change it to "do something creative (outside of work) for 15 minutes every day". That worked a lot better. I do a lot of creative stuff at work, like UI design for web, iOS and Android and some illustrative work. But it's nice to mix it up a bit.

I've always been curious on creating my own typeface and started a while ago with an unamed sans serif in the style of two of my favorite typefaces: DIN and Futura Bold. So I unpacked that project and started with 1-5 glyphs every day and now I think I'm done. Well, I'm always finding kerning stuff do to with it but it's close enough.

If you wan't to take a closer look at Gunnar Bold have a look at the mini site I created.

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