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Buy a pin - Help the refugees

Update: I'm adding a sticker to be used on your laptop, iPad or local lamp post e t c on every pin order. Don't worry. The sticker cost won't be taken from the order - I'm footing that bill myself.

This year hundreds of thousands have crossed the Mediterranean. Refugees on a dangerous travel from countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan. Countries torn apart by war and destruction. Thousands of families run for their lives and takes huge risks crossing treacherous sea and barb wired fences. Many have no other choice but to climb aboard over crowded boats to give their children a chance for survival and safety.

I can only imagine the horror of these perilous journeys and especially if you are doing it with your children.

Besides from donating our own money and clothes not being used - our family has searched for other means of helping out. I've had the idea of selling something to raise money.

Thanks to the lab days we have at Hemnet - I've written about this earlier - we today got an opportunity to use work hours to help the refugees in any way we can.

So I took my idea of creating something, sell it and donate all the profit to UNCHR. I've created this pin that you can buy and wear. I will use the money to buy tents and aid packages that will help refugees living in UNs refugee camps.


  • Sell 100 pins for 125 sek each
  • Raise 11 000 SEK*
  • Buy 4 family tents
  • Buy 10 aid packages

Now. Reaching these goals would be awesome. In my mind it seems impossible, but you never know and you have to try.

These 100 pins is a limited edition. If we reach the goal of selling 100 pins I will another set of pins with different colors - a second edition - and just keep the editions coming if we get so lucky. Maybe change the charity and illustration.

If you would be interested in buying a pin you can do it here:

Buy a pin - help the refugees

And this is, roughly, how it will look:

* Note: Production cost for the pin is 9 sek. 116 sek will go directly to UNCHR. International shipping will be added to the purchase.

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